This light is an accomplishment of a lot of experimentations, mingling new technologies and traditional processes with unity.

Unity of materials

The wooden part is made with a thin sheet of noble wood, folded with hot water in a mold. This is how I was able to force the wood to take this squared shape.

The base is in white pure concrete, this block was cast in a 3D printed mold.

Finally, the supports are made in precious copper, folded by hand with a unique process, using only 90° angles, to keep unity between all parts of the lamp.

Technology For Complex Forms

To realise the form I had in mind, I had to use 3D print. That was the perfect tool to help me sculpt the base of the light. With the 3d printed mould I was able to cast white concrete in it. The pattern of the mould was so interestting and unexpected, that I decided to let it rough under the base, it’s a secret detail.

From the prototype to the first series