Future of signage

The Digital Weathercock is a innovative signage tool. Its LEDs panels can display texts, images, animations and adapt the content to the consumers.

Adaptive contents

The weathercock can be synchronised with directories, apps and websites to display the most popular researches or predict consumer’s needs during the day.

Adaptive directions

The arrows can rotate in 360°, That’s make it the perfect product to implement in big spaces.

Updating existing design

In the context of a partnership with the digital manufacturer Charvet, I had the mission to update their digital weathercock. The goal was to offer a skin totally customisable to the identity of the clients. I had to follow their high specifications and adapt my new design on it, without possibilities to change the inside parts. I kept in mind the industrial process of Signall’s factory and I played with it to create a new version, more aesthetic and customizable.

Printable Parts

On blue, the differents areas printable to adapt the weathercock to the identity of the client.

Technical Views

Closer look of the inside, in colours the new outside shell I designed.

Adapted to all situations

Urban spaces


Popular researches

Moving brands