Modern and functional

Inspired by antics solar timer let me introduce you, SOLARI the modern cooking timer. Designed in partnership with Lipwi for the Big Puzzle design lab, SOLARI is an aesthetic, minimal and ergonomic product. The main parts are made in glossy and mat plastics, but the main parts, the clock hand is made in copper. This product will perfectly fit in any modern kitchen.


For this project I wanted something really minimal, a product with a strong personality, and I found it in the Solar clocks. I used two singles shapes, The first one in the main part, the ring, and for the second one, a big triangle. And then on the ring I worked on details, rails for the clock hand and curves to display the numbers.

How it works

The clock hand, materialized by the copper triangle, travel along two rails, one on the top and the second one on the side. This technical solution allows me to create an inner space in the ring.