I drew and designed many directories and soon realized that only big companies can afford custom-made kiosks for their shopping mall. That’s why I decided to think about a new interactive directory, affordable with simple and minimalist design, smartly made to be infinitely customisable (prints, lights, animations) at low cost and production time.

Infinite possibilities

The strength of this directory is its design, made with a solid structure and flat large panels on it. Those panels can be printed with industrials printers.

Infinite possibilities of gradients, patterns, pictures or graphic identities for commercial center or hospital for example.

Adaptive furniture

All parts of the furniture can be printed, no matter where the furniture can be placed, the finishings and colors can be adapted to the final space.

Smart transition

The Led panel in the right side works as a compass, it makes easier the switch between numerical world to the real world, by giving customers the right direction to go when they leave the directory.

Light Signature

Under the deck you can find a lighting signature, visible from afar. This light signature can also be customized to match with the graphic identity. It can be thematized or animated to add personality to the kiosk.

This directory is twice cheaper than a custom-made

directory, perfect for small structures with small budgets.


TabHotel is an innovative solution for hotel booking, check-in, check-out etc. The TabHotel project has to be personalizable to smalls companies, and their differents brand identities and environments.
Here is an example with the customization made for Hipark, an hotel company.

Here is the first customisation for an hotel complex, HIPARK